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Don't just take our word for it; see what others have to say about Doug Gordon's holistic approach to style and well-being!

Here are a few quotes from Doug's happy patrons.

  • I always walk out of his salon feeling gorgeous...

    Doug is the best! I always walk out of his salon feeling gorgeous and ready to go out for the night! Also, his shampoo wash is SO relaxing, it feels like I just got a professional massage. I would recommend Doug's amazing skills to anyone/everyone!

    - Rachel
  • Doug is my new go-to guy.

    After years of trying out different hair stylists and never being quite satisfied, I am now Doug's very satisfied repeat customer.  Doug is a consummate professional.  He has a great attention to detail and true concern for giving you a style that works for you.  This combined with his many years of experience have made him my new go-to guy.  As an added bonus, Doug's use of aromatherapy, scalp massage, and the peaceful surroundings of East of Bali turn a routine haircut into spa-like experience.

    - David S.
  • The most gentle, reliable, consistent service...

    Doug Gordon has been my one-and-only hair stylist for over 14 years. Never once have I strayed away. Before I met Doug I used to change stylists regularly because they didn't understand the complexity of working with long, curly hair. Since day one, I have trusted Doug completely with my hair as he has always given me the most gentle, reliable, consistent service over and over again. Doug's attention to detail, patience with my "I want a new look" moments, his healing touch and warm spirit are beyond compare!

    - Jacqueline N.
  • He is an artist...

    After many horrible attempts to get my tri-colored, home-dyed hair back to normal, I sought the help of many professionals. I met Doug and that was it. He not only fixed my hair more perfectly than I could ever imagine, he continues to re-create a new image for me every time I see him. Doug is not just a man who does hair. He is an artist, and I mean that in every aspect of the word artist. He is not only my hair saviour, he is now my friend and my family... forever. If I move, I will take him with me!

    - Amy
  • Doug truly embodies the holistic experience...

    For more than 10 years I have had the pleasure of sitting in the chair while Doug Gordon cares for both me and my hair. Doug's skills as a hair stylist are apparent as I continually receive compliments on my long curly locks. Beyond these skills, Doug is unique in his approach to hair as an integral component of self-care and healing. Whether it is through the integration of aromatic essential oils or the soothing touch of a scalp and neck massage, Doug truly embodies the holistic experience and gently bestows it upon his clients. Thank you Doug!

    - Cathirose P.
  • Doug consistently creates great-looking cuts...

    Doug consistently creates great-looking cuts in a very professional, yet comfortable and relaxing environment. His use of aromatherapy and scalp massage really accentuate the Zen atmosphere within the salon.

    - Tom
  • He has a natural talent...

    I have been a client of Doug's for 10 years. He is commmitted to excellence and to the well-being of his clients. He has a natural talent for the healing arts. The aromatherapy treatment is amazing. It's very relaxing and is the perfect service when you need a little help unwinding from a busy week.

    - Dianna B.
  • I highly recommend Doug for all your hair needs!

    I have been having my hair cut and colored with Doug for a couple of years now and have never been unhappy. I have always been satisfied with the results, and look forward to my next appointment. Doug is a very peaceful, generous man who with his kind spirit creates a warm environment where you can be at ease knowing he will listen and execute your desires. I highly recommend Doug for all your hair needs!

    - Amy

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