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East of Bali Salon

East of Bali is a great place for me to do my healing and creative inspired work
as you relax and unwind in this soothing environment.

My station has perfect natural light... an elegant oasis of amberwood, bamboo, orchids and flowing water features sets the ambience for unwinding. Teas, tonics and other beverages are served in our private relaxation lounge.

Hope to see you soon in Bali...

Doug Gordon

Independent Holistic Hairstylist

East of Bali Salon & Spa

at the Forum

1905 Calle Barcelona, Suite 210
Carlsbad CA 92009
760 943 8400
760 271 7590

Long Hair Photo Shoot


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Celebrity Film Shoots


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90's Wellness Gallery


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80's United Hair Force Gallery


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