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Autumn Greetings 2014!

As a top professional hairstylist, I have had the opportunity to do many things. I have done hair on movie production sets such as The Titanic, and other productions where I created both modern and period hairstyles. I have been a network salon educator and beauty wellness therapist.

My goal is to give great haircuts and color services to my clients, to help increase their confidence and energy. Hair is an extension of ourselves, of who we are. I believe that hair and fashion trends should influence your style, but not dictate it. Just finding your own sense of style is very important, one that looks modern and edgy, and suits your features, your lifestyle and your personality.

I work at East of Bali Salon in Carlsbad doing hair coloring and hair design services. I am accepting new clients and offer specials each month. Sign up for my newsletter to receive occasional tips on haircutting, color trends, conditioning treatments and free portraits.

My passion for hair and fashion has influenced my photography. At times I work with a team of talented stylists, models and makeup artists doing photo sessions and creating head shots from the past, present and future.

See you in Bali...